Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan – Fruit Soft Serve..

Grannie Smith’s Juice Co Real Fruit Sorbets are just as the label says. And contrary to belief, our sorbets contain absolutely no apple juice fillers or concentrates and are made using real fruit to really sink your teeth into.

Orchard Sourced Fruits From New Zealand and Overseas..

Using fruit plucked from the orchard, our engineers have developed a range of delicious sorbets without nasty E-numbers. Instead we use real ingredients to ensure they not only taste delicious but are also made with your wellbeing in mind.




Made with Love and your wellbeing in mind..

Carefully crafting with real fruit, we add buckets of sunshine and handfuls of magic to create each and every flavour, and even on the coldest days of winter you taken to a magical place where the sun is always shining.

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UHT Liquid Mixes – Say Goodbye to Mixing Powders..

Our sorbets come in 10-litre Bladders that are ready to use without additional mixing or preparations. And as we process them using Ultra High Temperatures, there’s no need to store them in the fridge until you open them.

Vegan and we mean it..

Our Grannie is Vegan and at DPNZ, the factory that makes Grannies Real Fruit Sorbets also processes products that contain Dairy.. So to give Grannie peace of mind that there is no Dairy in any of her Real Fruit Sorbets, the factory uses a large magnifying glass to look at each and every part of the process closely to ensure that there is no cross contamination of Dairy into any of her delicious treats. This includes Strict procedures on Cleaning and sanitising all of the equipment prior to making it and also testing the product for Total Milk Allergens using a Neogen 3D Test prior to releasing any of Grannies Goodness…

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