White Gold – Premium New Zealand Crafted Soft Serve Bases.

Our team of dedicated White Gold Icecream-ologists has perfected the art of all things frozen. They have crafted some amazing ranges of delicious treats including Frozen Yoghurt, Gelato, Soft Serve and Custard, using quality dairy milk from New Zealand and the finest ingredients from far and wide.

Flexible solutions for any Application.

DPNZ’s talented team can create a wide range of base mixes, so if there is something that you don’t see, just let us know what you looking for. We will get to work to produce it for you.

Liquid or Powder, the Choice is yours.

We have the cunning know-how to produce your products in two forms. With Powder form, you add water to hydrate the mix – a smart way to ship to keep the costs down. The other form, our Premium Liquid UHT (Ultra Heat Treated) Bladder, is ideal for franchises who want peace of mind around quality control and consistency.

Premium Probiotic options for any Mix.

Inner health and wellbeing are important issues to consumers these days, and with this in mind we have carefully selected a blend of Premium Probiotics that can be added to any of our products.  Click here to find out more about the benefits of using high doses of Probiotics in your frozen yoghurt or ice cream. We can supply our Premium Probiotics either by blending them into your powder mix for your convenience or supplying them in a sachet to add to the Liquid UHT just before you use it.


Soft Serve Base Mix Ranges :

• Premium 6% MilkFat Soft Serve
• NRS options available.

Frozen Yoghurt Base Mix Range

• Natural Pre & Probiotic Low Fat Frozen Yoghurt Base Mix
• Mild Natural Pre & Probiotic Low Fat Frozen Yoghurt Base Mix
• NRS options available.

 Gelato Base Mixes:

• Traditional (Egg Based) 5% fat Gelato Mix
• Commercial (Egg Free) 5% fat Gelato Mix
• NRS options available.

Frozen Custard Soft Serve:

• Natural (Egg Free) 10% MilkFat – Custard Base Mix 
• NRS options available.

No Refined Sugar (NRS) Soft Serve Base Mixes:

After a lot of sleepless nights, our Icecream-ologists have developed No Refined Sugar (NRS) options for many of our mixes. By using Sorbitol, which is derived from fruit, we have been able to cleverly replace the sugar in the mix so people such as diabetics can also enjoy our frozen delights. These products are made to order and customised to each customer, so let us know what you need and we can whip it up.