UHT (Ultra Heat Temperature) is a heat treatment process applied to liquid products to achieve an aseptic (sterile) product with a long shelf life. An advantage of UHT products, such as ice cream base mixes, is that they can be stored and transported without cooling. UHT products can have a shelf life of 9-12 months due to the significant reduction of bacteria and spores.

Our plant has the flexibility to apply both Direct and Indirect Steam heat treatment.

Precessing Capabilities :

Direct Steam Injection– Culinary steam (steam filtered for all impurities or created by evaporation of water) is injected into the product, followed by flash cooling in a vacuum chamber. We use this effective process on non-viscous products such as milk and juices.

Indirect Heat Treatment– During indirect heating, the product does not come into direct contact with the heating source, but is instead heated by a cross flow heat transfer. This provides a much more gentle heat transfer on our viscous sorbets and ice cream mixes. The plant also features a two-stage Aseptic Homogeniser to deliver an optimal mouthfeel for all of the products we produce.

Designed for flexibility, the Dairy Products NZ Limited (DPNZ) facility has the ability to pre-blend and batch micro dry powder ingredients into its products. This allows an efficient and accurate blend to ensure even distribution in the product. We have multiple Tank and Feed options to process small R&D pilot trials right through to full-scale production runs.

We produce our products in RaPak Aseptic irradiated pouches, also known as Bladder in Box (BiB). Our range includes 5-litre, 10-litre, 20-litre and 1000-litre Aseptic Intasept Bladders. If you are after bulk supply, our 1000-litre Palacon option is ideal to have manufactured and does not need refrigeration.

Our company is open to both OEM Branded production of our products and your contract manufacturing opportunities that align with our current HACCP plan, so if you have an opportunity that you would like to discuss, please Click here to contact us.


Our dedicated team of experts manages the HACCP quality control processes, carefully monitoring the progress of each and every product to ensure these get to your customers in top condition.

Our configuration allows us the flexibility to receive raw and pasteurized liquid milk on site or reconstitute from milk powders. We use a Ribbon and Tri Blender configuration to enable homogenous blending of micro ingredients into our mixes, especially viscous products, to ensure even distribution of all ingredients into each and every mix.

The plant has been designed to give us flexibility to support smaller projects right through to full-scale commercial production. From small R&D pilot test runs to full container loads, DPNZ can work with you as you grow in the marketplace.

The heart of our plant has been designed to process a wide variety of products, from milks and juices right through to viscous ice creams and yoghurts. The plant can be configured for either Direct or Indirect Heat Treatment to ensure each and every product is handled with care.

Each and every bag of product that passes through the Filler is carefully monitored and checked. Finally, we can wrap your precious products in a wide range and styles of customised packaging and artwork to give you the edge over the competition.

DPNZ has been lucky enough to secure a second and much larger UHT plant, so as your needs grow, we can give you confidence that supplying your needs will never be an issue.